Monday, 3 September 2012

Real Racing 3 Brings Console-like Graphics To Mobiles

Kiwi Gam3r
Real Racing 2 is the sort of mobile game that you want to show off to your friends. The graphics look gorgeous and the gameplay is slick. Now it seems that the developers are about to set the bar for mobile racing games once again. Real Racing 3 looks like it will bring the most complete racing experience right to your mobile. Racing a Porsche around Laguna Seca on a Playstation in your living room is one thing, being able to do so while on the bus is something else all together.
Kiwi Gam3r
Of course racing games aren't anything new when it comes to the Iphone or Android networks. Go into the games section of the App Store and you'll know what I mean. The thing is, very few of those racing games are what you could call console-like. When you buy a racing game on your home console, you have certain expectations. You expect good handling, nice graphics and a sense of authenticity. You don't generally associate these expectations with mobile games. You can associate them with Real Racing 2 and certainly with Real Racing 3. In fact, if you looked at the Real Racing 3 trailer without seeing the title, you could well mistake it for a certain other console racer from EA. Cough, cough, Shift, cough.

That is by no means a bad thing! If screaming down Laguna Seca in a brand spanking new Porsche GT 3 RS (all in the palm of your hand) doesn't sound like fun to you, then there's something wrong with you. Real Racing 3 features a number of brand new features and firsts for the series. First of which are real world tracks. Laguna Seca has already been mentioned, but Indianapolis and Silverstone will also be making a debut. You will be able to take new manufacturers like Porsche to the track with and line up on the grid against 21 others. Yup, Real Racing 3 will feature a 22 car grid, which should make for some intense and exciting racing action.

Real cars, real tracks and real racing, all on your mobile. This is Real Racing 3.

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