Saturday, 21 July 2012

Old vs New - Need For Speed Most Wanted

Very few Need for Speed games have managed to capture that same feeling of excitement I felt when I first drove the bright green Lamborghini Diablo with red SV letters on the side around the Hometown circuit in the original Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit. 
That was, until Criterion  resurrected Hot Pursuit back from the grave with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) and they're about to do it again with my favorite Need for Speed game ever. 

I remember reading a games magazine a few years ago when I saw an announcement for an upcoming Need for Speed game. The new title promised cop chases, car customization and an open world map where you could drive around and crash into things. Oh and the BMW M3 in the screen shots didn't look too shabby either. It was, of course, Need for Speed Most Wanted. A game I got to love very, very much.

Well Criterion is about to bring life to Most Wanted the same way they did with Hot Pursuit two years ago. The thing that scares me, is that I'm not as excited this time 'round. I mean, yea, the game looks gorgeous and sounds great, but why do all the cars look stock? Why does the yellow Porsche in the trailer not have twenty inch wheels, a body kit and a ridiculous vinyl slapped on the roof? These were things that made the original Most Wanted so damn cool! The game wasn't just about climbing the ladder and being the Most Wanted. It was about doing it in YOUR ride. I remember I had a little black FIAT thing, that was turbo'd to the max, slammed on the floor and had so much NOS it made the Fast & Furious films look slow. That's what Most Wanted is all about. 
I'm still really looking forward to the new Most Wanted title. No other racing game will be able to match the crazy cop chases in an open world setting. It's just a shame that same customization won't be making a return.